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I am now middle aged, according to the world, yet I feel better than I did when I was young. Young implies energetic, it implies the whole world is laid out before you just waiting for you. Yet, young also means naïve because you haven’t any life experience. Young means struggling to get your feet beneath you. Young is not the best position in life necessarily.

I will keep my age, my wrinkles, my experience, my wisdom and knowledge. I do not miss being young. I would not trade where I am today for my youth back. As a matter of fact, where I am today is far superior to where I was in my 20’s & 30’s.

Young is really a relative term. It depends on how old you are and how old the person next to you is. When you hit 30 you think you are old, but when you hit 50, 30 somethings are just kids. Yet to the 80-year-old, the 50 something is just a kid. Young or old don’t let your age determine what you are capable of doing.

Pictured above is my mom, Marilyn 82, my daughter, Amber 31 and myself 55. We are a good looking trio.

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This a beautiful picture of young, middle age and wisdom old. You ladies are beautiful, and Sister Amy you are a blessing.

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