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Partnering with Appointed2 is like giving one gift and hundreds receive it.  Your gift allows us to touch the lives of people you may never meet and still you help to change their lives. Whether you give a one time gift or partner with us monthly it is a great blessing to us.  Thank you!

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One More Testimony Cover.jpg

One More Testimony

  • Repentance Still Works

  • The Doctor

  • He Delivered Me

  • More In The Graveyard

  • One More Testimony

  • Stronger

  • Good-Bye

  • I've Got Jesus

  • What Ya Miss

  • I'm An American

Season of Change Cover.png

Season Of Change

  • Season Of Change

  • He Took Me In

  • Living Water

  • What Am I Here For

  • For Such A Time As This

  • I'm A Has Been

  • When I Rise Again

  • Jehovah

  • This Is Your Day

  • Till I Have No Strength To Give


  • Ain't No Grave

  • I Got Faith In You

  • Up To You And I

  • Ain't No Feeling Like A Feeling Like That

  • Secret Weapon

  • A Moment In His Presence

  • When Grandma Prayed

  • Victory Is Mine

  • When Life Hands You Lemons

  • I Saw The LIght

This Journey

  • Don't Want You To Go To

  • I Was Running

  • Sometimes

  • Trails Of Tears

  • This Journey

  • True Story

  • Those Two Shoes

  • Will You

  • Yesterdays Gone

  • Do A Little Praying


A devotion/bible study series

Think On This Cover.jpg

Think On This is a 52-week devotional/bible study hybrid

This book will cause you to question what you know, what you think, and what you believe. You will answer questions that cause you to re-evaluate your walk with Jesus. It isn't a matter of agreeing on every point, only to search out what, who, where, and why.

Think On This Ebook.jpg

Volume II brings even more on topic, practical thoughts, questions, and opportunities for personal growth. It will keep you thinking about what you know, think, and believe. It will keep you digging into the word to uncover and discover truths, promises, and keep us on track to make heaven.

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