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Progress generally means we are moving forward. We can see a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Not everything people call progress is moving us forward though. It seems a lot of the stuff going on in our world today is really moving us backwards.

It seems like segregation is happening all over again, yet many are calling it progress. How can it be progress when so many fought so hard to end segregation?

It seems like no matter what you say today you are a racist. Movies and books that were once thought to be classics or funny or family oriented are suddenly racist or sexist.

Is this really progress? I think we have tried to destroy the history that makes America so great to the point that many have forgotten just how far we have come.

We scream about lives matter while abortions rise. We scream lives matter while innocent lives are being taken in the crossfire.

Are we really making progress in America?

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