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Wrap It Up

It's almost time to pull out of #Florida! The worst part of the cold, wintry weather is over and destinations north await us. Any time we pull out there is plenty to be done first.

When you are sitting in one place, even for a week, counters get cluttered. The table gathers things and stuff in general just gets moved out of place. When you are driving down the road though everything needs to be battened down. The dishes all need to be arranged in the cupboard, movies stored back up where they belong. Bibles in the magazine rack. I think you get the point.

Once everything is in place, then Randy unlocks the arms on the slides. You can't have anything in the slides path because they don't stop. If we are headed to a church or event to sing that night I have to remember to grab clothes out of the closet. Once the bedroom slide is in the only way to the closet is to climb over the bed. It's a little distance from the bed to the closet and I can't step down. It is very hard for me to get back up. The bed sits about 3 1/2 off the floor! Without my step stool it's a climb.

Of course the awning has to be put up outside and all the bins need to be locked. Depending on where we are or how long we have been there the septic needs to be emptied and the fresh water tank filled. Might also need to get propane. These things might mean an extra stop on our journey, again, depending on where we are and what facilities are available.

Gearing up to go in the RV is not like loading up the car and going on a road trip. We love that no matter where we go, we get to sleep in our own bed. That is a huge plus! We have our full wardrobe with us too. It is also a great perk to have a restroom on board, at least for me. Of course it is for Randy too, he can pull over anywhere and not have to wait for a rest stop. We always have a cold drink available and a snack if we just want to keep rolling.

No matter how you travel, there is always a checklist to follow. Our #Newmar Dutch Start is perfect for us. A taste of home when we are stationary and a smooth ride for the many miles we travel. I hope this summer you have the opportunity to take a trip on the open road. Travel safe!

Time to be moving on
It's About Time

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