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Respect, what a great word to discuss in 2020. It seems respect has taken on a new definition. I'll respect you, as long as you agree with me.

Respect was once something granted to those who were older, in authority, or had served our country. Children were taught respect for their parents and they showed it to their teachers.

In today's world, it is every man or woman for themselves pretty much. Oh, you can still find people who know and show respect. The gentleman who holds the door open for a woman or a person who says, "excuse me" to walk by.

Once upon a time, the president was the most respected person in America, whether you voted for him or not. His name was upheld and everything possible was done to keep his name from reproach. Not so today. I think President Trump is the most disrespected president we have ever had.

Respect, boundaries and discipline all seem like behaviors and necessities from the past. I wonder if they will ever come back into fashion?

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