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On September 4th we picked up our new home in Titusville, FL! We are now cruising America in a 40' Newmar Dutchstar and loving it. Life became a little bit sweeter that day.

One of the big selling points was the way Newmar builds their coaches. Like a house it has aluminum studs every 16 inches, it is well insulated from the roof, to the walls, to the floor and even under the basement. There is plenty of storage inside and out. Even special areas for Randy's guitars! The bus contains a Splendide washer/dryer unit. It will wash up to 10lbs of clothes and will dry upto 6lbs at a time. So it won't do a great deal of laundry all at once but it will certainly help in a pinch.

Everything that was super important to us God made possible. When you open the front door you will find it has a screen door, which I asked for. Randy got his air horns and back-up camera. He also got a huge over-sized recliner, PLUS the sofa has a recliner on each end. I got a beautiful large white sink and extra counter space to work at and an extra piece of counter and cabinet besides. We have an actual table and chairs so we can sit down to a meal together! We haven't been able to do that for 6 years, Randy got his shower with a glass door and believe it or not it has a small garden tub and I can sit down in it if I choose. The bedroom has a full-length closet on the rear wall so our clothes aren't all scrunched up. The closet is also where Randy's guitars are stored. The closet has a deep pocket on either end. The two electric guitars fit perfect on my end and the two hard cases fit perfect on Randy's end. The two soft cases have plenty of room on the closet floor. The bedroom and kitchen have a ton of drawers plus there is a linen closet above the washer/dryer unit. The kitchen also has a small pantry area. Last but certainly not least we have 2 slides. One in the bedroom and a large one in the living/kitchen area. We are blessed!

Thank you to everyone who has joined with us in prayer. Together we spoke our new home into existence. God made a way where there seemed to be no way. We purchased this bus for a 5th of the price we were originally looking at and God placed people in our path who made it financially possible. We know God is able to provide the payment each month or to make a way to simply pay the debt. Either way, we are thankful everyday and we are loving our new home.

Our new home!
2000 Newmar Dutchstar

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