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RV's are like homes and things break down, fall apart or just flat get old. So as we wait for God to bless us with a new bus we continue to repair what he has provided and thank him for it.

This month Randy has replaced the headlight switch, one of the prongs was burned up and flopping around on it. Who knows how long it had been like that. He had been jiggling the knob for a long time. Longer than I can remember to be honest. It was one of those things that you think about you need to do when you are using it but by the next day it is forgotten.

Our friend, Lee, put air in the tires as they were all low. He fixed the windshield wiper on the driver side. The pin had fallen out and when the arm swiped across the window it looked like the blade was trying to dance. It bobbed up and down and sideways. It was very distracting and very humorous all at the same time.

Yesterday I was vacuuming the bus. I moved one of the laundry baskets and noticed an area on the carpet where it had been wet and stained under the baskets. I thought about it later and asked Randy if he had set the baskets in there wet. Neither of us thought so . I told him about the stains and he went to investigate. His first thought was to wonder if the shower was leaking.

As it turns out, the original caulk we used on the shower was silicone. It promised to be waterproof, blah blah blah but as it turned out it peeled every time I scrubbed the shower. So our leak was caused by the caulk having worn away and water was leaking for a while between the wall and the shower base. For a few months I had noticed a smell when I would step into the bus after being out of it for a day or so. I would light a candle or open a window. That is one mystery solved.

So, Randy was back hard at work today on the RV. He re-caulked the shower and tore up the carpet in the bedroom along with all of the tack strips. Now we are trying to let the floor dry out. So the bed is piled high with guitars, laundry baskets and everything else that was on the floor.

Praise God the leak is found, the smell will soon be gone, the windshield wiper works straight up and down now, the tires are all aired up and the headlights work!!!!! I think we are ready to go another couple of thousand miles for the Lord.

Remember, it is normal for things to break down or fall apart. It is just normal wear and tear and not because the devil did it. Don't give him credit for things he didn't do. He loves that. Just give God the praise when it is repaired and you are good to go again.

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