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Just A Small Thing

Change machine
I found a quarter!

When you live in a #RV a laundromat is always in your future. Now I do have a small #Splendide washer/dryer combo in the RV but it isn't something you can feasibly do all your laundry in. You can wash up to 10lbs or dry 6lbs. Basically, you can wash the outfit you wore today in a load. A typical wash/dry cycle is about 2-2 1/2 hours.

#Laundromats are not a cheap endeavor so when you find an extra quarter in the change machine you get excited. I had an entire conversation in my head about that little quarter. It started with Whoo hoo, to I'd give it to the owner but that could be anybody, to it's only a quarter they'll never miss it. You know you'd have done the same thing.

As I walked away from the change machine I realized there was a lone lady up front & an older couple close by. The couple had a little cup full of quarters so I asked if they were the last to get change from that machine. She spoke up & said, "yes" to which I immediately took a quarter out of my change purse & told her they missed one. Needless to say she was surprised.

I go about doing my laundry and when it is time for me to find some dryers almost one with is packed full. Top & bottom! The laundromat also has a wash/dry/fold service and generally they have several machines set aside. This morning she only had one dryer. I could use the other ones in her corner.

Once my clothes were dried all of the baskets were being used and the only table available was again the one reserved for the worker. She said her load was washing I could use her table AND her basket!

Now giving that quarter back seemed like a very insignificant event but I knew every time the worker showed me a kindness today it went back to that simple little quarter.

It didn't cost me anything to return that quarter but I gains a whole lot of favor and saved me a whole lot of frustration.

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