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Living in an #RV is like living in a tiny house. The major difference is in a #tinyhouse extra shelves can be built in under the stairs to the loft, into the walls or above the furniture. In an RV, you are pretty much limited to whatever cupboards were originally designed for the structure.

As we approach our 6th anniversary on the road we can tell you space is a wonderful commodity! One of the first things we did in our bus was to remove the booth & table. We had several #guitars that needed a space and putting them underneath in the bays was not an option for us. Too much humidity or severe cold or heat isn't good for them. So the booth became a guitar cabinet and pantry area.

As we all know it is easy to acquire stuff. Over time we have updated equipment, added to what we had and continue to add. At this point we have guitars in the cabinet, guitars beside the bed, speakers in under the bus and speakers in the bus, microphones stashed in the small upper cabinets above the couch and so on. Our box of CDs sit in the hallway and our space is becoming smaller and smaller.

Would we trade being on the road...NO WAY! Living for Jesus and doing what he has called you to do is the greatest life there is. We are simply praying for a new ride, a new home. After all, it is both for us.

Like living in a tiny house we make good use of every nook and cranny available to us. It becomes a lifestyle. Besides, love grows in small places. Imagine how much love we have in

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