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How many guitars?

Home Sweet Home

When you walk into an empty motor home it seems like there is endless storage. After all you have bays on the outside and inside there are all of these little cubbies along the top of your walls and cupboards in the kitchen. There is at least one clothes closet and usually smaller ones by the bed. Plenty of storage, right? Wrong!

If you are only using your motor home for vacation or weekends at the beach there really is lots of room. When you live in it full-time, carry all of the equipment you need to do concerts, cd's, t-shirts, etc, you soon run out of space.

By no means am I complaining. God has been gracious to us. He supplied us a home, a way to go from church to church and we have had few repairs. When he calls you to go he provides what you have need of. Now, we are definitely talking to God. We are in a position where we have truly run out of room and are making great use of every nook and cranny.

I just thought today I would share some pictures with you. The one on the left shows 3 guitars. It is actually a baritone guitar, an acoustic guitar and a dobro. What you can't see is the strat laying on the floor behind the other 3. The 2nd picture is the guitar cabinet Randy and a friend built when we first got the bus. There is a Fender, a Seagull (electric/acoustic), a JBL speaker under the towel, cordless mics, a case full of cords, another case you can't see and our banner. The 3rd picture shows the collapsible basket with T-shirts and the cardboard box has CD's in it and the basket on top has T-shirts and our chalkboard. Not shown is the 2nd JBL speaker which sits directly behind the passenger seat.

Whew! That is just a little picture of what it is to live on the road for Jesus. We are thankful every time we step into the hot shower or grab a cold drink out of the refrigerator. We love being able to share Jesus, to sing for his glory, to testify of his mighty acts. It is a great privilege to serve God.

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