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Randy and Amy...

are a unique blend of evangelism.  They each bring a different sound, a different testimony, but a mutual love for Jesus.  They truly are an Appointed2.


In 2012, they let the lease go on their home, donated most of their possessions to chairty and began to live the true calling on their lives.  Now they are preaching and singing the word of God every where God opens a door for them.


They began traveling full-time on  June 1, 2012 in a 13 passenger shuttle bus. Randy was doing his best to convert it and they believed God for something better. In December of 2012 they received their 31' motor home.  Since then God has upgraded them one more time.  On September 4, 2018 they drove their 2000 Newmar Dutchstar off the lot and into ministry.


In September 2014, they became the Season 5 Prayze Factor Awards Grand Champion, in 2015 Rhythm of Gospel Awards CCM Artist of the Year, in 2016 Crimson Awards Duo & CD of the Year, in 2017 LighthouseGMA Duet and Musician of the Year and in 2018 they took home Prayze Factor Awards for Graphic Artist of the Year, Southrn Gospel Group and Christian Country/Bluegrass Artist and LighthouseGMA Song of the Year for I Got Faith In You and Randy won Musician of the Year for the 2nd time.


 In November of 2016 they signed with Danshell Music Group (DMG) to record on Red Tick Records.  In 2017, DMG began promoting them to radio stations across the United States.  Every song has hit the charts, everyone has been a top 25 and one of them, I Got Faith In You, went to #2.

God has blessed Randy and Amy with 6 children and 4 grandchildren.  Families that support and encourage them, friends who stand by them and the best fans in the world.  Who could ask for anything more?  God has promised them they would never have lack or want and he has been true to his word.  


Appointed2 is thankful for every person who remembers them in prayer and for everyone who shares their music.  Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey.

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